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Why Al-Hekma?

As part of forecasting the future outlook of public trading companies at ASE, Al-Hekma utilizes a comprehensive approach in collecting and analyzing  data related to the economy and business sectors in general, and the individual firms in specific. The methodology followed is aimed at providing clients with added value information to assist them in their stock selection and allocation.

Al-Hekma methodology can be summarized as follows:

    1.   Analysis of macro-economic level:
  • Performance of international markets is followed closely.
  • Performance of regional markets is followed closely.
  • Performance of ASE is followed closely and its links to both the international and regional markets are regularly addressed.
Analysis of the influence of international and regional markets on ASE gives insight to the general direction of the ASE and provides Al-Hekma with early market signals that can assist it in forecasting the future trends.

    2.  The company level:
  • Historical financial performance of the main companies at ASE is analyzed.
  • Comparison is made between the performance of the company against its peers in the local or international markets.
  • The dynamics of a company is determined and thereafter all aspects which influence the company are investigated.
  • Regular calling on the companies by the research team enable Al-Hekma to forecast the future performance of the company more precisely.
  • Some of the information that assists Al-Hekma in better predicting the future profitability of a company is: the current sales level, future sales orders, current prices, price levels of raw materials, investments in stocks & real estate among other things.

    3.   Market news:
  • Declarations by ASE relating to certain companies are studied.
  • Press releases are also reviewed.
  • News and activities of the trading floor is monitored.

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